GALIOT Solutions for Maritime
(Ship Management)

Galiot Maritime System is dedicated software package special designed for large and small Ship Management Companies working all over the world. Galiot Maritime System with integrated inexpensive bidirectional asynchronously data transfer application is effective fleet maintenance management tool where office (superintendents) has up-to-date information about all ship activities.

One Galiot Maritime System (licensed per server and deployed at user’s own premise), can be easily shared by several dislocated ship management organisations — beneficial when one company operates more then one dislocated management offices.

For small companies having only a few ships in management, an affordable and flexible Galiot Cloud (software-as-a-service) is the best option to implement full functional computerised maintenance management system and to meet international classification societies planned maintenance and safety requirements.

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  • GALIOT SMS - Fleet Safety Management System

    Web based total Safety Management software compliant with international classification societies SMS requirements.

  • GALIOT DM – Fleet Document Management System

    Web based Document Management software for creating, co-authoring, storing, organising, distributing and retrieving any amount of documents (SPO, technical documentation, drawings, maintenance manuals, spare parts books, …) between office/fleet and dislocated ships with easy to use read & sign functionality.

  • GALIOT MM – Fleet (Ship) Maintenance and Spare Parts Management System

    Web based Airport Maintenance Management software solution to ensure runway safety, maximise productivity and equipment uptime, optimise inventory and track, analyse and report all activities regarding equipment maintenance, PM scheduling and spares/services requisitioning.

  • GALIOT QMS – For Maritime Industry

    Comprehensive web based Compliance and Certification Audit Management software with powerful workflow engine for all audit types (ISO, ISM Code, …) and all audit lifecycle steps with end-to-end support for distributed audit participants collaboration.

  • GALIOT TR - Staff Training and Certificates Management

    Web-based human resource software solution to track training, manage and plan certifications and licences renewal for all company employees, season workers and subcontractors.