Document Management

Easy-to-use solution for creating, co-authoring, storing, organising, distributing and retrieving documents of any kind with read-and-sign support.


  • Strong security (user and group permissions for who can read and who can modify documents)
  • Powerful version control to track who changed what and when
  • Full rollback to any previous version if needed
  • Document metadata
  • Organise content into groups/projects and folders for easy browsing
  • Advance search and retrieve (full-text search and filters criteria)
  • Users Collaboration
  • Personal dashboard and internal messaging
  • Records Management

What makes GALIOT DM different?

  • One software, but multiple editions to meet different industries best practice and required regulation (Airports, Airlines, MRO, Maritime and Oil & Gas edition)
  • Integrated with Safety, Audit, Wildlife and Staff Licenses/Training Management modules
  • Integrated with Maintenance Management module to store specific technical documentation (drawings, maintenance manuals, spare parts book, …) )
  • Affordable software-as-service (cloud) deployment for small and medium size airports
  • Fast and straightforward implementation (Predefined templates, standards and best practice)
  • Single system can be shared by several airports (beneficial when one organisation operates more than one airport)
  • Internal notification, reminder and reporting engine (email and/or text message)
  • Read & Sign Confirmation
  • Unlimited undo
  • Virtual Teams for effective and dynamic collaboration