Quality Management System

Comprehensive quality management and compliance oversight solution with predefined checklists for relevant industry standards and regulations, powerful workflow engine for all audit/findings lifecycle steps and distributed internal and external audit participants collaboration support.


  • Integrated modules: GALIOT AM - Compliance, Audit and Findings Management, GALIOT DM - Document Management and GALIOT PM - Quality Performance Management
  • Internal, External and Third-Party Audits
  • Inspections
  • Audit and Inspection Templates (custom and industry predefined)
  • Multiple scopes/regulations per audit
  • Audit Planning
  • Findings Management (CAPA Workflow)
  • Findings Risk Assessment
  • Support for distributed (internal & external) participants collaboration
  • Service Providers ratings (suppliers, stations, …)
  • Lead Auditors Performance Measurement
  • Galiot Mobile App for offline audits and inspections
  • Relevant standards and regulations viewer
  • Data analysing (advanced statistic and machine learning methods)

What makes GALIOT QMS different?

  • All industry-relevant regulations supported (EASA, FAA, ISAGO, ISO, OHSAS, MARPOL, SOLAS, ISM Code, …)
  • Additional regulations upload per request (State regulation, company standards, …)
  • Live Compliance Status Report (linked relevant audit results for each regulation item)
  • Single audit question may be linked with multiple regulatory requirements (cross-reference between different regulations)
  • Integrated with Safety, Document and Training Management Modules
  • Cloud (software-as-service) or on-premises system deployment
  • Fast and straightforward implementation (predefined templates, standards and best practices)
  • Single system can be shared by several airports/airlines/companies (beneficial when one organisation operates more than one company)
  • Email notifications and reminders for each audit step and for all users involved
  • Documentary evidence of the sequence of all audit activities (Audit Log)
  • Finding Root Cause analyses (5 whys) and classification
  • Integrated Change Management
  • Integrated Quality Promotion (distribution of quality bulletins, notices and warning)
  • Integrated Meetings management (to-do tasks, reports, decisions)
  • Quality Dashboard (customized by the user)

Galiot Auditor app for iOS and Android devices!

Galiot Auditor is dedicated mobile app for offline auditing/inspections and findings reporting for GALIOT QMS Compliance and Audit Management System!

Lead auditor performing on-site audit/inspection doesn't need to carry any paperwork to perform his job. All checklist and regulations are prepared on Galiot SQM server and downloaded to the mobile device. Audit findings and observations can be reviewed, inserted and uploaded to Galiot server to initiate CAPA workflow,

Galiot Auditor app enables bi-directional synchronisation of all audit reports, inspections, findings, observations, user permissions and taxonomy with Galiot QMS - Compliance and Audit Management server

Galiot Auditor enables lead auditor to perform on-site audits and inspections at locations without internet connection or where usage of mobile device is more convenient.