May, 2015.

ECCAIRS 5 Occurrence Report Format - RIT candidate release


Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 mandates organisations to report in an ADREP taxonomy and ECCAIRS software compatible format. The Data Flow Working Group of the Network of Analysts has developed, together with the JRC, a standard interface to comply with this requirement specially designed for organisations reporting with a significant volume of occurrences and/or targeting organisations with extended IT technical capabilities, Top Reporting Organisations (TRO) hereafter. This method of Data File Exchange is a standard interface and is the so called -E5X file type.
The data in an E5X file is based on the so called Reduced Interface Taxonomy (RIT). RIT is a subset of the ECCAIRS aviation taxonomy defined by the Network of Analysts (NoA).
The RIT candidate release is just announced, and official version is expected to be published in next few months.

In order to facilitate the implementation of EX5 format in GALIOT SMS - Safety Management System, a new version of GALIOT SMS will available immediately after EASA official RIT format announcement.

RIT - Reduced Interface Taxonomy