December, 2023

Proud to provide GALIOT AOC software solution and presentation to Zurich University of Applied Science students!


GALIOT Aero <> Zurich University of Applied Science - Centre for Aviation

We are committed to assisting aviation service providers in complying with safety regulations and enhancing the safety standards of their organizations, and we believe that education plays a crucial role in achieving this success.
That's why we are proud to announce that we provided the GALIOT AOC Essentials Edition software solution and presentation to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Aviation degree program at Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
As a part of the “Safety Risk Management - Quality Management” module, the students must elaborate on how the software solution meets ICAO Doc 9859 Safety Management Manual, EASA ORO.GEN.200 and ISO 19011 requirements.

We are thrilled to receive feedback from young students who have a fresh look at the aviation safety domain. Their insights will help us to improve our solution making it more effective and easier to use.
We hope that this is just the beginning of our support for education institutions. We look forward to working with more schools in the future to help students learn more about aviation safety and compliance framework.

About ZHAW Centre for Aviation

The Zurich University of Applied Science Centre for Aviation (ZAV) is the leading research hub for aviation in Switzerland. The researchers at ZAV apply cutting edge technologies, state-of-the-art methods, and contemporary knowledge to find new and efficient ways to bring global aviation a step further. The Centre for Aviation is actively participating in the Aviation Research Centre Switzerland (ARCS) in order to promote collaboration between all stakeholders relevant for aviation in Switzerland.

The Centre for Aviation is the leading scientific research facility for aviation in Switzerland. We believe that sustainable solutions for the aviation industry rely on successful collaborations in interdisciplinary teams. The Centre for Aviation can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Air Vehicle Design and Technology
  • Aviation Infrastructure and Atmospheric Research
  • Humans in Safety Critical Systems
  • About GALIOT AOC Essentials Edition

    GALIOT AOC Essentials Edition is the all-in-one safety and compliance solution specially designed for aircraft operators to meet all regulatory requirements and improve the organization's level of safety.

    GALIOT AOC Essentials Edition integrates the following modules:

  • GALIOT SR - Safety Reporting and Investigation (Web & Mobile App)
  • GALIOT RM - Risk Management and Management of Change
  • GALIOT AM - Audit and Findings Management (Web & Mobile App)
  • GALIOT MM - Meetings and TaskManagemnt
  • GALIOT PM - Safety & Quality Performance Monitoring and Measurement

  • The preloaded standards/regulations deployed with the GALIOT AOC Essentials Edition are:

  • ECCAIRS E5X and IACO ADREP Taxonomy for safety reporting and safety data exchange
  • IATA IOSA Standards Manual, Event/Why Taxonomy and IDX Data Exchange
  • EASA Air Crew Part-FCL, PArt-ORA, Part-MED, Part-CC
  • EASA Air Operations Part-ORO, PArt-CAT, Part-SPA
  • EASA Continuing Airworthiness Part-M, Part-145, Part-CAMO
  • ARMS Event Risk Classification (ERC)
  • EASA European Risk Classification Scheme (ERCS)