August, 2021

GALIOT supports a new runway surface conditions
reporting format (GRF)


What is GRF

GRF is a globally harmonized methodology for runway surface conditions assessment and reporting published by ICAO and implemented by EASA and FAA.

How GALIOT implements new GRF

GALIOT provides a runway surface condition report that is fully compliant with GRF format for collecting and validating all required aeroplane performance and situation awareness data.
GALIOT GRF report is customized for each aerodrome based on the runway(s) and taxi-way(s) layout. Collected data could be exported and automatically distributed in PDF format to the organization’s employees and in machine-readable format to the external service providers like AIS and ATS services.

Does GALIOT support new SNOWTAM report

Yes, because new SNOWTAM is also based on the methodology for runway surface condition assessment and reporting.
SNOWTAM is a special runway surface condition report distributed to the AIS and ATS services when the runway is wholly or partly contaminated by standing water, snow slush, ice, frost, or is wet associated with the cleaning or treatment of snow, slush ice, or frost.
Wheen runway is wet, not associated with the presence of standing water, snow, slush, ice, or frost, the report is only distributed to the ATS service.

Major changes of Amendment 39 to ICAO Annex 15 (SNOWTAM)

SNOWTAM definition
SNOWTAM: A special series NOTAM given in a standard format providing a surface condition report notifying the presence or cessation of hazardous conditions due to snow, ice, slush, frost, standing water or water associated with snow, slush, ice, or frost on the movement area.
Information concerning snow, slush, frost, standing water, or water associated with snow, slush, ice or frost on the movement area shall be disseminated by means of SNOWTAM, and contain the information in the order shown in the SNOWTAM Format in Appendix 2.

Major changes in SNOWTAM provision
- “Assessment” instead of “Observation”
- The maximum validity of SNOWTAM is 8 hours (not 24 hours)
- New SNOWTAM canceles the precious SNOWTAM
- New SNOWTAM shall be issued whenever new Runway Condition Report (RCR) is received

New SNOWTAM format
Section 1. Aeroplane performance
- Item A -> Aerodrome location indicator
- Item B -> Date and time of assessment
- Item C -> Lower runway designator number
- Item D -> Runway condition code (each runway third)
- Item E -> Per cent coverage (each runway third)
- Item F -> Depth of loose contaminant (each runway third)
- Item G -> Condition description for each third
- Item H -> Width of RWY to which the RWYCCs apply

Section 2. Situational Awareness
- Item I -> Reduced runway length
- Item J -> Drifting snow on the runway
- Item K -> Loose sand on the runway
- Item L -> Chemical treatment on RWY
- Item M -> Snow banks on the runway
- Item N -> Snow banks on the taxiway
- Item O -> Snow banks adjacent to the runway
- Item P -> Taxiway conditions
- Item R -> Apron conditions
- Item S -> Measured friction coefficient
- Item T -> Plain language remarks

SNOWTAM Code example

SWEA0149 EADD 02170345 (SNOWTAM 0149
EADD 02170345 09L 5/5/5 100/100/100 NR/NR/NR WET/WET/WET
EADD 02170134 09R 5/2/2 100/50/75 NR/06/06 WET/SLUSH/SLUSH
EADD 02170225 09C 2/3/2 75/100/100 06/12/12 SLUSH/WET SNOW/STANDING WATER

GRF Applicability dates

- ICAO applicability date: 4 Nov 2021
- EU applicability date: 12 Aug 2021
- Canada applicability date: 12 Aug 2021