April, 2022

GALIOT SMS is gearing up for the new ECCAIRS 2 Safety Occurrence data exchange protocol.


ECCAIRS 2, the new cloud-based ECCAIRS system

ECCAIRS 2 (E2) will replace the outdated ECCAIRS system based on traditional client-server architecture.
The E2 project implements modern cloud-based IT technologies allowing a more efficient central architecture, integrated cybersecurity protocols, fully encrypted data, user-friendly interface and integrated “national” ECCAIRS database and European Central Repository in one web-based solution.

Recently, EASA invited reporting organisations and selected commercial software companies that provide SMS system services to attend the workshop where new possibilities and IT background for automating the “Safety Occurrence Report” between SMS systems and E2 were presented.

Later this month, the EASA will send us detailed instructions for developing the interfaces that will enable our customers to use the opportunity of one-click safety occurrence data exchange between GALIOT SMS and EASA E2 central cloud using machine-to-machine (M2M) protocol.
Or even better, a fully automated data exchange triggered automatically according to user preferences and setup rules like occurrence category, event type, report type, …
This new protocol will replace the current complex and time-consuming typing, printing, and sending emails with attachments to the local authorities.

About ECCAIRS project

ECCAIRS (European Co-ordination Center for Accident and Incident Reporting Systems) is a digital platform established to assist aviation stakeholders in collecting, sharing, and analysing safety data and safety information according to EU regulation 376/2014.

ECCAIRS is based on ICAO ADREP taxonomy and ICAO Annex 13 contents, therefore, since 2004 ICAO adopted ECCAIRS to collect Accident and Serious Incident data.
To improve global aviation safety, European Commission (EC) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) signed an agreement in 2011 on the use of a single repository and common categorisation schema for safety reporting.
Also under this agreement, ICAO promotes usage of the ECCAIRS reporting system among its 190 Member States Authorities.