Wildlife Management System

Wildlife hazard management solution dedicate designed for airport operators to reduce the threat of aircraft and wildlife interaction based on smart data collections and heuristic birds risk assessment.


  • Birds database (including standard weight, picture and behaviour data)
  • Birds/Wildlife observation protocol and activity records
  • Birds/Wildlife dispersal protocol and activity records
  • Multiple dispersal methods supported
  • ICAO Compliant Bird Strike Document
  • Fire Arm and Ammunition Management
  • Ensure regulatory and legislative compliance
  • Critical species, locations, conditions, season, time, … trend reporting
  • Detailed statistics about number/weight/strikes/kills/observed species
  • Dispersal Efficiency Calculation
  • Birds Severity Calculation
  • Heuristic and Quantified Birds Risk Assessment

What makes GALIOT WM different?

  • Integrated with Safety, Audit, Document and Staff Licenses/Training Management modules
  • Affordable software-as-service (cloud) deployment for small and medium size airports
  • Fast and straightforward implementation (Predefined birds and dispersal methods database)
  • Single system can be shared by several airports (beneficial when one organisation operates more than one airport)
  • Internal notification, reminder and reporting engine (email and/or text message)
  • Mobile App for Airside Document Recording
  • Mobile Device GPS Location Tracking
  • Weather information for each record imported automatically
  • Objective and Goals Measurement
  • Identify high, moderate and low risk species
  • Determine risks by runway, location, time of day and time of year