Maintenance Management

Equipment maintenance management solution to maximise productivity and equipment uptime, generate PM schedules, report and analyse all maintenance activities


  • Multiple facilities/plants/rigs/airports/vessels supported
  • Comprehensive equipment and planned maintenance procedures database
  • Organise equipment and components into locations, systems, sub-systems, units for easy browsing
  • Multiple maintenance planing criteria (period, and/or running hours, …)
  • Failure reporting
  • Preventive and/or Repair Work Orders
  • Spare Parts needed/used by Work Order Job
  • Workforce planning and monitoring by Work Order Job
  • Survey/Certification Management
  • External Services Management
  • High level configuration/customisation options
  • Data import
  • Fuel and Lub Oil Consumption

What makes GALIOT MM different?

  • One software, but multiple editions to meet different industries best practice and required regulation (Airports, Airlines, MRO, Marine and Oil & Gas edition)
  • Integrated with Safety, Audit, Document and Staff Licenses/Training Management modules
  • Equipment movement (from plant to plant)
  • Full equipment history (including movements from plant to plant)
  • Bi-directional asynchronous data exchange (for remote rigs/vessels without or with limited internet access)
  • Classification societies and Operators Approval
  • Internal notification, reminder and reporting engine (email and/or text message)
  • Maintenance Key Performance Indicators identification and monitoring
  • Accountability by Equipment and/or Job Type
  • Inventory Management (including spare parts/services requisitioning)
  • Internal Task Management (Task Request/Assigned/Performed by Department)