Safety Management System

Risk-based and performance-based Safety Management System in compliance with ICAO Doc.9859, ICAO Annex 19, EASA, IOSA, OHSAS, ISO 45001 and ISM Code requirements.


  • Integrated modules: GALIOT SR - Safety Reporting, GALIOT RM - Risk Management and GALIOT PM - Safety Performance Management
  • Safety policy, corporate safety plan and measurable safety objectives
  • System description, internal and external Interfaces with other service providers (safety scope)
  • Hazard register and hazard log (all hazard related data linked automatically)
  • Preventive and recovery safety controls classified by category (elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, ...)
  • Risk Assessment log (all versions of previously done risk assessments)
  • Risk approval and reassessment policy
  • Aviation safety occurrence report based on ECCAIRS format and ADREP taxonomy
  • OHSAS/ISO Health, Safety and Environmental Incident Report
  • Galiot Mobile App for offline safety reporting
  • Voluntary and confidential reports (anonymous reporting supported)
  • Bow-Tie Risk Model
  • Occurrence investigation (B-SCAT barrier-based investigation supported)
  • Root cause analyses (on occurrence level and on safety controls level)
  • Proactive, predictive and reactive key safety performance indicators measurement
  • Corrective Actions Management (Request for CA, CA performed, CA review)
  • Data Analysing (advanced statistic and machine learning methods)
  • Safety Dashboard (live safety data presentation customised by the user)

What makes GALIOT SMS different?

  • One software, but multiple editions to meet different industries best practices and regulations (Airports, Airlines, MRO, Maritime and Oil & Gas)
  • Bow-Tie Risk Model integrated with semi-quantitative assessment method for best/worse risk scenarios identifications
  • Safety controls performance measurement (reliability and effectiveness)
  • Integrated Change Management
  • Integrated Meetings Management (invitations, to-do tasks, reports, decisions)
  • Machine-to-machine safety occurrence data exchange with CAA (ECCAIRS 5 format)
  • Performance, targets and alerts measurement (based on ICAO standard)
  • Bi-directional integration with Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)
  • Live safety performance status by multiple criteria
  • A Single system can be shared by several airports/airlines/companies (beneficial when one organisation operates more than one company)
  • Email notification and the remainder for each safety activity and for users involved
  • Safety Promotion (distribution of safety bulletins, notices and warning)
  • Affordable software-as-service or on-premises deployment
  • Integrated with Quality, Document and Training Management Modules
  • ADREP and IATA Taxonomy included
  • Fast and straightforward implementation (predefined reports, hazards, risks and controls based on industry best practices)

Galiot Aero app for iOS and Android devices!

Galiot Aero is dedicated mobile app for offline and online aviation safety occurrence reporting (mandatory, voluntary & confidential) and
Industrial Health, Safety & Environmental incident reporting for GALIOT SMS Safety Management System!

Galiot Aero aviation safety report is based on EASA ECCAIRS occurrence format and ICAO Aviation Data Reporting taxonomy (ADREP).

Galiot Aero app enables bi-directional synchronisation of all safety reports, aircraft data, vessel data, users permissions and ADRAP Taxonomy with GALIOT SMS - Safety Management System server.